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‚ô• Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Secondary School that I have studied for 4 years probably more than 10 years ago is going on renovations. Photos were post everywhere on social media.

It came so sudden that I thought of you, zhu.

So many What ifs appear.

How I'd hope we could all go back... maybe things wouldn't end this way.

I wouldn't met A, I wouldn't feel that I cant face you and probably we would have last and I wouldn't have met S. which till date, I couldn't totally forget. probably due to the decision I have made.

This need to stop. URGHS.


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‚ô• Saturday, July 18, 2015

Diminishing all the negative people.

I guess, we all seen it all at our age.

Finally, I gotta admit who's those who is or who isn't worth and stop living in denial.

Aug will be a new start.

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‚ô• Wednesday, May 13, 2015

lets forget the sadness, embrace the upcoming. 


Falling wasn't my choice. 
Forgetting is.

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‚ô• Friday, May 08, 2015

Lately //

Too much things happened within the period that i have been away from my little hideout. which im rather exhausted with things that had happened.

Firstly, i finally couldn't stand the attitude of my boss and i finally submit my resignation letter which means i breach the contract that I've initially signed. But i do not regret, and I will not, not this lifetime anyway. I would rather pay the amount to leave than to suffer.

Then, dramatically in Singapore such a safe community, my phone was literally snatch of some FT-China Nationality, which he was then caught and had to be behind the bar for a year, serve him right but that has left quite an impact on me for months I do not dare to get home late (which i have to go site at night for my prev day job and my boss is not understand enough and force me to go site alone with the boys who are FT-Chinese)

Ever-since the last relationship that I had.. which was years back... I finally... finally got over it. Glad that things are good for "him" right now, I mean I do still cared for "him" even though i was the one who refused to get back giving harsh statements when he asked for us to be back together previously.

Moving on, I am back in the night industry on and off.

Anyway, I finally changed my MAC! which is why I'm blogging now. (:: downloading my adobes software etc kinda brings me back to those days in Lasalle when I still have so much passion in illustrating and drawing. Went to saw a friend blog as I love her design so much and I realise I've been not putting any effort for the last few years.

Yes, I gotta start somewhere. somewhere.

"This is not something that you should be doing. But after you grad you should start doing things. real things" 

Thanks KC, these words came by my mind the day, I went to your wake with karen, Mag, april and eric, which I've totally forgotten about it when I wished you a happy birthday that fateful day when you was at aura. It never feel the same being at the club which was founded by you.


I mean, shouldn't you guys be reflecting on what you have said to me before I actually MIA?

R asked me recently : " why did you suddenly went missing years ago? I couldn't find you" - you told me previously "I can never settle down." why should I continue holding on my feelings? It was time for me to leave.

A asked me recently : " why did we actually break up?" THIS GUY SERIOUSLY HAVE A SERIOUS PROB. you betrayed and two timed you expect me to stay on?

E asked me recently : " We dated on few dates and it was all good how come we did not get tgt?" - seriously.. why attached with someone that is gonna go away?


It's time to do sth with my life.

It was nice meeting you again, Jon. Thank you everything you did that make me felt alive that very day at hdl. you will never know how much it means, and that my heart actually skipped a beat even though I refused to admit it. ( ': 

My character is just too strong, I refused to show my weakness. 

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‚ô• Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I couldn't remember how I was before I started being so nasty.

Or when did i became this way.

I remembered, I wasn't this way before.

Everything used to be way simpler then now.

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‚ô• Thursday, June 12, 2014

nothing is going right.

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‚ô• Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I think i need someone that can knock over my senses.

I think I couldn't feel any more.

Everything feels so surreal as though everything had never happened before.

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